Food Hospital Series 1

Episode 4

Episode 4

This week The Food Hospital looks at a dietary approach to managing excrutiating gout which causes Garrett, who used to love climbing and running, to now have problems with walking. Tristan seeks help with painful eczema but this condition may be only one element of a bigger problem. Suzi looks for help to expand her unusual diet of chocolate and pancakes and Debbie, a professional pool player, seeks help with depression. Dr Pixie McKenna looks at the allure of detox diets and whether they actually improve on the body’s own detox systems and the results of last week’s survey are revealed.

The diet plans featured in the show are tailored to meet the needs of the specific patients. Find out more about seeing a dietitian here

Find out more about the approaches taken in the show here

Nicole Berberian BSc(Hons) MSc(Nutrition) PG Dip(Dietetics) RNutr RD (Series Dietitian and Nutritionist)

Dr Allan Pacey, University of Sheffield

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