Series 2: Jack, 4

Case File: Jack


Jack suffers from severe atopic eczema which has recently got worse. He scratches his whole body, desperate for relief from his itchy, burning skin. Some mornings his bedclothes are covered in blood from the weeping sores. Jack’s mum has to bandage his body at bedtime so that he can’t scratch during his sleep.

He starts school soon and his parents are worried about how he will cope. He often lacks concentration because he is distracted by his skin. He has also had some suspected undiagnosed allergic reactions to food.

Overview of the treatment:

In some cases, atopic eczema may be connected to food allergies. Common foods that children react to are milk, eggs, peanuts, soy, wheat and fish. At the Food Hospital Jack is referred for blood and skin prick tests to see if he may have a food allergy. Because the results prove positive, dietitian Lucy Jones helps Jack’s parents in eliminating these foods from his diet, to see if this improves his eczema.

Eliminating food groups such as dairy should never be done without proper support from a GP or dietitian – your child may miss out on vital nutrients, so seek expert advice if you think your child’s eczema is made worse by food.

Jack’s story was featured in Episode 1.